About Us

The IHHOI was formed conceptually in November 2008 over the course of the HHOGames in Palmetto, Florida.

We began as a group of like minded individuals, attending the show to see the latest and greatest the HHO world had to offer. We would meet every night after the show over a meal, refreshments or an adult beverage to discuss what we had learned that day. Many of these discussions carried on late into the night, as the energy and buzzing of new ideas stimulated our hungry minds in new directions.

After several days of speaking with vendors and demonstrators, then further discussing our conversations amongst the group, it became gravely apparent that very little was actually agreed upon as to the underlying science and practical application of HHO to vehicles. Perhaps even more concerning, were the amount of "experts" with completely contradictory views, vendors making wildly specific performance claims and charging exorbitant prices for what amounted to little more than $25 worth of components from your local hardware shop. It was towards the end of the week that our mission became clear.

What we had seen in terms of technology was at the very least intriguing, we all had faith that HHO indeed had a part to play in the new energy paradigm, however, the overwhelming concern being that those less than scrupulous business folks would line their pockets and skip town before the science had a chance to mature - Leaving in their wake irritated customers and potentially invoking legislation against the HHO industry as a whole. This was not something we were about to let happen.

The following is our mission statement, as was written on the final night of the HHOGames;

To maintain an open forum for the discovery, development, and advancement of sustainable, renewable energy sources.  To promote hydrogen as a viable alternative energy.  To free us from the tyranny of foreign and domestic oil companies and our dependence on polluting petroleum based fossil fuels.  To provide standards for Quality, Safety, Installation, and Integrity for the industry.

It is to this end that we have recently partnered with North Coast Flow Testing Labs in order to offer cell testing and output certification to the HHO industry. This is the first offering in a series of services that aim to guide the industry through it's adolescence and into maturity.

If you have an idea for a product or service that would be beneficial to you or the industry at large, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We are your advocate, and wish all those involved in the HHO industry supreme success through experimentation, integrity and exploration.

Thank you for making a difference.